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A trajetória do negro na literatura brasileira

THIS ARTICLE outlines the trajectory of blacks in Brazilian literature, both as an object, with a distant perspective, and as a subject, with a more assertive attitude. As result it addresses the literary text on blacks, on the one hand; and by Blacks, on the other. It identifies a long history of stereotypes, associated with a prejudice vision of Blacks, both explicitly and implicitly. It seeks to describe the moment of passage in wich the stereotype was overtaken by the affirmation of blacks as subjects of their discourse, acting in defense of own cultural worth and identity. It selects a number of representative authors and texts starting in the 1970s, a particularly vital moment of Black conciousness affirmation in Brazil. It then argues the propriety of styling ablack literature, superficially presented as a positive affirmation, but pregnant of being turned into a form of implicit prejudice.

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