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Richard Rorty and the philosophy of education: analyzing marxist reception

Felipe Quintão Almeida Alexandre Fernandez Vaz About the authors

The paper aims to research the reception of Richard Rorty's work at Education, especially in terms of the interpretation of Brazilian Marxist Pedagogy. The description done by this tradition is presented: about Neopragmatism and the critic of Skepticisms (epistemological, ethical and political) that supposedly come from Rorty's Philosophy. The paper analyses also if the critics on Rorty can be taken for grant when they are compared with another understanding of his work, less hostile and skeptical. This rediscription suggests limits and insufficiencies of the opposed description.

Marxism; Rorty; Basis of Education

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Faculdade de Educação Avenida Paulo Gama, s/n, Faculdade de Educação - Prédio 12201 - Sala 914, 90046-900 Porto Alegre/RS – Brasil, Tel.: (55 51) 3308-3268, Fax: (55 51) 3308-3985 - Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil