Poverty and Resilience in the Narratives of Homeless EJA Students

Kleyne Cristina Dornelas Souza Maria Clarisse Vieira About the authors


Poverty and Resilience in the Narratives of Homeless EJA Students. This article shows the concepts of poverty and resilience of homeless students enrolled in the education program of the youth and adults (EJA). The study, shows the result of a master’s thesis, contextualizes the exclusion of this population in the Federal District, and presents the use of narratives as a way of giving voice and visibility to these people since they are invisible to society and to the census. As a result, the students’ narratives match the census data from the last census carried out in the Federal District, acknowledging, according to these students, people with rights capable of narrating, reflecting, and reframing their human and social condition, based on their life stories.

Youth and Adult Education; Homeless People; Poverty and Resilience

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