Comprehensiveness in the Analysis of Educational Paths

Verónica Filardo About the author


Two key points structure the paper. The first one is that, in order to analyze the educational paths, they must be part of the distinct educational levels. It is necessary to have individualized and cumulative information of the outcomes in the different cycles. This way, it is possible to observe the determination exerted by the outcomes from one level on the following ones. The second key point is that the educational system is one among several scopes where the youth circulate. The educational paths suffer impact from what happens in other scopes of the individuals' lives (work, family, children etc.) and vice versa. A comprehensive look has implications for the design of educational policies, first job public programs, programs for autonomy fostering, policies of fertility etc. Empirical evidence from the Uruguayan case is shown.

Educational Paths; Uruguay; Educational Policies.

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