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The search of parallelism between pedagogical knowledge of the contents and the process of reasoning and pedagogical action

While presenting the proposals of the pedagogical knowledge of the contents and the pedagogical action, Shulman did not set out in his theory the possible relations between them. Willing to analyze such relations, this essay put these two core themes in Shulman studies side by side and supported by other investigations that address these themes, tried to find out how they may inter-relate in the initial teacher training. The analyzed information allow to infer that both proposals keep a strict, reciprocal and almost interdependent relation between them, so that they permeate themselves, and complete and make efforts to each other in the common sense to transform the contents knowledge of the future teachers into teachable knowledge to pupils. The consideration of these questions by the training programs and its implementation through pedagogical practices and their reflections can potentially integrate these elements and qualify the initial training of future teachers.

Initial Teacher Training; Teaching Knowledge; Pedagogical Practices; Reflections

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