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Maps drawing by 8-year-old children: interactions and logical-space learning

This paper studied logical-space learning through activities of map drawing by 7 eight-year-old children of a public school. Amongst the theoreticians who guided our inquiry we point out those of the Geneva school (PIAGET; INHELDER, 1947) and of the Russian school (VYGOTSKY, 1989). Preparatory playful activities involved the representation of forms, puzzle fitting, maps exploration and etc. The representation of the path to the school was developed in three sessions. The children walked, discussing and drawing their individual maps. All their actions were shot. After a collective construction on the blackboard, mediated by educators, the individual maps were remade. The children developed great ability to read and represent maps. Their awareness of spatial concepts and interactions were analyzed.

Maps drawing by Children; Mediation and Logical-Space Learning; Education and Geometric Learning

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