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In response to "It's just not good enough! ": thougths on canadian work within expanding contexts of environmental education resarch

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview that traces a range of work on environmental education research from a Canadian perspective within a North American context. This viewpoint attempts dangerously to represent a number of explorations of Canadian environmental education researchers and practitioners , who write about their activities and, in particular, those who responded to my request for help in coming to articulate ideas about what is going on and what we may say about directions and possibilities for the future in respect of our current inquiries. I recognize my relatively privileged position within this process as well as the limitations of this form of representation. So, I have accepted the responsibility of exploring landscapes of inquiry that seem to me to capture, albeit with many gaps and missing intentions, some thoughts and ideas that have been produced recently amongst Canadian researchers. Recognizing the changing nature of the discourses amongst the legacy of history across conceptually contested points and varied directions, I attempt simply to locate trajectories that suggest possible insights and openings for thinking and debate on the global and local in environmental education research, from my perspective as a researcher living and working within Canadian education and environmental education.

Environmental Education Research; Contexts of Environmental Education Research; Environmental Education and Fields of Enquiry

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