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Richard Rorty and the "post agenda": criticism, interpretations, redescription

This article analyzes the reception of Richard Rorty's work in the field of education, focusing on the description carried out by the Brazilian Marxist pedagogy. It presents, in such context, the uses of Hungarian Philosopher Georg Lukács and his late partner Roy Bhaskar, an Indian Intellectual who has been living in England for a long time, by the Marxist pedagogy as possibilities of opposing the presence of Rorty in the production of knowledge in education. It analyzes whether the criticisms addressed to Rorty (Anti-enlightenment, Irrationality, Ontological Relativism, Epistemic Fallacy, Empiricism etc.) can be maintained when confronted to another reading of his work, our own reading. The redescription indicates the limits and shortcomings of the description to which it makes opposition.

Fundamentals of Education; Philosophy; Lukács; Bhaskar; Rorty

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