Childhood, adolescence and AIDS

Elizabete Franco Cruz About the author

The AIDS epidemic reaches children and adolescents, demanding from the society the search for answers to their care, education and health. Innumerable actions, institutions and discourses had started to emerge in our culture, producing "truths" about this population. Using the theoretical referential of Michael Foucault and the cultural studies I carried through a study with the objective of debate the discourses about childhood, adolescence and AIDS. The results indicate that, from the discourse practices and other ones related to support homes, sexuality and diagnosis' revelation, ways to conceive childhood, adolescence and AIDS emerge, "inventing" the children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS. Also, these children and adolescents start to narrate themselves, and construct an experience of themselves through these devices that produce subjectivities, which function as a technology of the self. The discussions in this work point to the necessity of reflection and a review of the practices in this area.

Childhood; Adolescences; AIDS

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