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Higher overall survival in metastatic pancreatic cancer: the impact of where and how treatment is delivered

Pedro Luiz Serrano Usón Junior Monique Sedlmaier França Heloisa Veasey Rodrigues Antônio Luiz de Vasconcellos Macedo Alberto Goldenberg Oren Smaletz Daniela Pezzutti Domingues Armentano Sergio Daniel Simon Rene Claudio Gansl About the authors


To determine the overall survival of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and evaluate factors that impact prognosis in a private cancer center.


Data from the Hospital Cancer Registry at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein were retrospectively collected. The patients enrolled had metastatic cancer at diagnosis or earlier staging and subsequent recurrence. Cases of neuroendocrine tumors were excluded.


A total of 65 patients were evaluated, including 63 with adenocarcinoma. The median overall survival for patients in all stages was 20.7 months (95%CI: 15.6-25.7), while the overall survival of metastatic disease was 13.3 months. Among the 33 cases with stage IV cancer, there was no evidence of a statistically significant association between median survival and CA19-9 dosage (p=0.212), tumor location (p=0.482), first treatment performed (p=0.337), lymphovascular invasion (p=0.286), and age (p=0.152). However, the number of lines of chemotherapy was significantly associated with survival (log-rank p=0.013), with an estimated median survival of 10.2 months for patients who received up to two lines of treatment and 23.5 months for those receiving more than two lines of chemotherapy.


The survival of patients treated was longer than that reported in the literature. The only statistically significant factor related to increased survival was higher number of lines of chemotherapy received. We believe that the higher socioeconomic status of patients surveyed in this study, as well as their greater access to treatment options, may have influenced their overall survival.

Adenocarcinoma/drug therapy; Pancreatic neoplasms; Survivorship (Public Health)

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