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An update of neurological manifestations of vasculitides and connective tissue diseases: a literature review

Anastasia Bougea Evangelos Anagnostou Nikolaos Spandideas Nikolaos Triantafyllou Evangelia Kararizou About the authors

Vasculitides comprise a heterogeneous group of autoimmune disorders, occurring as primary or secondary to a broad variety of systemic infectious, malignant or connective tissue diseases. The latter occur more often but their pathogenic mechanisms have not been fully established. Frequent and varied central and peripheral nervous system complications occur in vasculitides and connective tissue diseases. In many cases, the neurological disorders have an atypical clinical course or even an early onset, and the healthcare professionals should be aware of them. The purpose of this brief review was to give an update of the main neurological disorders of common vasculitis and connective tissue diseases, aiming at accurate diagnosis and management, with an emphasis on pathophysiologic mechanisms.

Central nervous system; Peripheral nervous system; Systemic vasculitis; Connective tissue diseases; Immunosuppressive agents/therapeutic use

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