Meshless treatment of open inguinal hernia repair: a prospective study

Paulo Kassab Ettore Ferrari Franciulli Carolina Kassab Wroclawski Elias Jirjoss Ilias Osvaldo Antônio Prado Castro Carlos Alberto Malheiros About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate two types of meshless open inguinal repair and to evaluate the recurrence rate. METHODS: We operated on sequentially 98 men and 15 women with 144 unilateral or bilateral inguinal hernias between December 1988 and April 2007. The surgeries were performed by two experienced surgeons and divided into two groups: Bassini or McVay reconstructive surgery techniques. Bassini type reinforcements were employed for Nyhus II and IIIB with minor destruction of the posterior wall. Patients with Nyhus type IIIA, type IIIB with major destruction of the fascia transversalis, and type IIIC were subjected to the McVay technique. RESULTS: Seventy-five hernias were corrected using the McVay technique. Only two recurrences (2.67%) were observed in this group. For group Bassini, two recurrences for 69 hernias (2.89%) were observed (p=0.658). Mean age for the recurrent group was 56 years. No differences were observed between the ages of males and females (52 years). CONCLUSIONS: Non-mesh repair in inguinal hernia can be safely used if performed by experienced surgeons.

Hernia, inguinal; Digestive system surgical procedures; Suture techniques; Recurrence

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