Association of obesity and anovulatory infertility

Valéria Fichman Roseli de Souza Santos da Costa Teresa Cristina Miglioli Lizanka Paola Figueiredo Marinheiro About the authors



To verify the association of obesity and infertility related to anovulatory issues.


This case-control study was carried out with 52 women, aged 20 to 38 years, divided into two groups (infertile − cases − and fertile − control), seen at outpatient clinics, in the period from April to December, 2017.


We found significant evidence that obesity negatively affects women’s fertility (p=0.017). The group of infertile women was 7.5-fold more likely to be obese than fertile women.


Strategies that encourage weight control are indicated for women with chronic anovulation, due to hight metabolic activity of adipose tissue.

Infertility, female; Anovulatory; Obesity; Reproduction; Feeding behavior; Motor activity

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