Conceptions and actions of female teachers related to full-time education proposals

Marisa Irene Siqueira Castanho Marjorie Cristina Rocha da Silva Sonia Casarin Letícia de Sousa Dorighello About the authors


The objective was to identify concepts and teachers’ actions related to a full-time education proposal. Responses of eleven female elementary school teachers of a municipal network were analyzed from a semi-structured interview script and demographic surveys. The content analysis with support of Iramuteq software showed: the socializing contribution of the full-time program to formal education; the difficulties of integration between teachers of both curricula; the attempts to engage parents and the lack of sense of community; the recognition of the importance of non-formal and playful activities; the student motivation and interest in recreational activities used as determinants for classroom frequency; the prevalence of a paternalistic vision. Research should be expanded and investment in teachers training should be enhanced, aiming at better understanding and performing articulated programs and planning of public policies.

Extended school day; Teachers training; Elementary school; Public policies

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