Higher Education in Mexico: challenges of the current presidential government in the period 2018-2024 related to educational coverage

Juan Carlos Castellanos-Ramírez Shamaly Alhelí Niño Carrasco About the authors


One of the priorities of the current government of Mexico expected for 2024 is to increase to 100% the educational coverage rate in Higher Education. Important transformations in the organization and operation of the universities as well as deeper changes on the operation of educational programs are necessary to achieve this goal. This article presents an analysis of the challenges facing the current Mexican government related to the little evolution of the educational coverage in Higher Education during the last decade. Based on this analysis, five strategic focuses are proposed to contribute to the development of educational policies aimed at strengthening Higher Education and expanding enrollment within universities. The development of policies aimed at strengthening and diversifying online educational programs within universities to increase the educational coverage rate are suggested.

Educational Coverage; Higher Education; Online Education; Universities of Mexico

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