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Educational assessment: a view on academic production in the journal Ensaio (2009–2020)


The article addresses the state of knowledge in Educational Assessment by mapping the publications of the journal “Ensaio: Assessment and Public Policies in Education”, continuing and expanding the research on the subject. Of the 495 articles published from 2009 to 2020, 133 were selected, referring to Educational Assessment; they were classified according to education level, thematic category, country of origin, region, institution, and funding agency to which the research/author(s) are linked. It was found that the journal is substantially Brazilian, with publications that deal mostly with General Aspects of the Assessment and Assessment of Programs, Projects, and Public Policies. There was a decrease in publications on the subject in the period and in proportion to the total number of publications in the journal, especially after 2016. This coincides with the reduction of investments in education in the country, especially those related to programs and projects for Basic Education and Higher Education.

Educational Assessment; Journal Ensaio; Public Education Policies

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