Distribution of teachers and the pupils’ achievement of primary education in the city of Maputo

Octávio José Zimbico Mouzinho Mário José de Inocêncio Narciso Cossa About the authors


This study sought to establish the relationship between teacher qualifications and students’ achievement on the one hand and teacher distribution patterns and student achievement on the other. The questions that guided the research were: what are the teacher distribution patterns and what criteria are used in the placement and distribution of primary school teachers in the City of Maputo? To what extent do students’ income relates to qualification levels and teacher distribution patterns? The study followed a quantitative approach, analyzing statistics on teacher qualifications and students’ achievement. Interviews were conducted to determine the recruitment, selection, and distribution criteria of teachers. A stratified sample of 129 teachers aged 25-65 and ± 60% ≤ 15 years of service was selected from 8 schools in 3 municipal districts. The results indicate a negative relationship between teachers’ qualifications and students’ achievement. A positive relationship, however, was found between the years of service, the gender and the type of work bond of the teachers and the students’ achievement.

Primary education; Teacher qualifications; Student achievement

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