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Education for emancipatory transition: social justice and global citizenship


This paper reflects on the structural basis of the right to education and the values that underpin the educational process. It raises the importance of developing analytical frameworks that appeal to make visible the diversity of socio-educational realities and of knowledge about the role of education. In this way, the perspective of Education for the Emancipatory Transition is presented as both a pedagogical alternative and a model of integral formation. A proposal for an autonomous and responsible citizenship with human dignity, from an attentive and critical conception of the relevant social and environmental issues of our world. It is important in this framework to consider that we place ourselves under the critical approach of Human Rights, and therefore, of Social Justice, leaving aside the classics that have occurred due to the globalization process and taking up again principles that promote a global, emancipated and empowering citizenship.

Emancipatory Education; Education for Development; Global Citizenship; Social Justice

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