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The universal access to Education in Brazil: a question of social justice

Clóvis Trezzi About the author


This paper, written as an essay, deals with the right to education in Brazil from the perspective of a fair school, based on Dubet’s argument. The purpose is to discuss the fair school from the Brazilian reality. Based on the premise that the mere presence in the law is not enough to guarantee everyone’s right to Education, the article begins by discussing Education as a social right. The analysis is made from the historical point of view, in dialogue with the ideas of Libaneo, Holston and Carvalho who discuss the dualisms of citizenship and Education in Brazil. Argues that since the origin of modern pedagogy, the need for all children to go to school was already discussed, the paper concludes that achieving school justice requires much more than simply guaranteeing equal access to the classroom; it is necessary to move towards humanization, which is the guarantee of human dignity for all.

Inequality; Right to Education; Universal Education

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