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Public policies in literacy: a dialogue with the national literacy evaluation test and the Programa Mais Alfabetização (Plus Literacy Program)


Recurrent results of failure of literacy in Brazil and public policies associated to it are objects of discussion in this paper, which analyses links between external evaluation resources, public policies, and everyday pedagogical practices. Analysis is made upon the official program named Programa Mais Alfabetização (“Plus Literacy Program”), implemented in 2018 as an answer to low levels of skills attested through the results of Avaliação Nacional de Alfabetização (National Literacy Evaluation Test). Based on specific literature, this paper presents a theoretical survey on public policies dedicated to literacy in Brazil and on the external evaluation of student learning. Observed documentation shows, in synthesis, that the program, specifically designed as an answer to external evaluation results, tends to focus on teacher’s education and practical activities, on controlling and on monitoring of pedagogical practices.

Literacy; External Evaluation; Public Policies

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