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Evaluation policy and its implications in the teaching work of a Peruvian educational community


The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of the evaluation policy on teacher performance in an educational institution in Peru. It was a qualitative research with a phenomenological design, based on the interpretative paradigm. The participants were twenty secondary school teachers, who were interviewed in depth to learn about their perception of the teacher performance evaluation policy and how it has affected their work. In the thematic analysis, convergences, discrepancies, discontent, and satisfaction with respect to the evaluation policy were found. The instrument was based, firstly, on the aspects to analyze the teacher performance evaluation policy and, secondly, on the four domains of teaching proposed in the Framework for Good Teacher Performance: Preparation for student learning, Teaching for student learning, Participation in school management articulated to the community, and Development of professionalism and teacher identity. It was concluded that the teacher performance evaluation policy has a positive impact on three domains.

Teaching Competence; Teacher Evaluation; Educational Policy

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