The challenges of the public university in the Covid-19 post-pandemic: The Brazilian case

Lourdes Maria Rodrigues Cavalcanti Maria das Graças Gonçalves Vieira Guerra About the authors


The purpose of this article is to reflect on the challenges of the public university model in the Covid-19 post-pandemic, based on data made available by the Portal of the Ministry of Education of Brazil. An exploratory methodology was used, with a qualitative approach and a bibliographic-documental strategy. The public university profile that emerged from the data suggests the need for a change in the institutional and organizational model, which currently accommodates the university. It is imperative that the university reinvents itself, that it becomes a new institution, endowed with current, flexible management models and that favors adjustments, since such functionalities are better suited to organizational dynamics and risk management.

MEC/Coronavirus Portal; Pandemic; Public University

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