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Job, teaching career and Special Education: analysis of job plans, career and compensation in the states of the Northern Region of Brazil


The study analyzes the teaching career, with emphasis on teachers of Special Education in the state education networks of the Northern region of Brazil. It is assumed that the teaching career as an element of the appreciation of the magisterium should instigate the improvement of the adequate working conditions and remuneration of teachers. The methodology is defined and structured as a documental research, analyzing the Plans of Positions, Careers and Remuneration (PCCR) of the States of the Northern Region. It was found that teachers of Special Education contemplated in the aforementioned PCCR have the same training requirements as other Basic Education teachers. As for pecuniary advantages, the study found that two states in the northern region do not provide bonuses for teachers who work in special education, while the other states in the region have additional advantages for teachers in the special education modality in their respective PCCRs.

Teaching Career; Special Education; Educational Policy; Northern Region of Brazil

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