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The training of the teacher in the 21th century: an approach with the history of medieval education* * Pesquisa Financiada pelo CNPq.

A formação do professor no século XXI segundo uma abordagem da história da educação medieval

La formación del profesorado en el siglo XXI: un enfoque con la educación medieval


Our purpose is to deal with teacher education in Brazil, with the history and history of education as our guiding principle, based on texts by Thomas Aquinas. For us, in the process of teacher training, the professionals involved must be clear that teaching and learning occur when these characters are aware of the need to understand the intellectual “essence” of man. Therefore, we recover the Dominican master to make explicit that knowledge becomes effective when there is an understanding that men are, par excellence, social beings. Based on these principles, we will examine data about teaching in Brazil, relying on the reflections of the medieval master to show the relevance to a country whose people have knowledge acquired by and in history. In theoretical terms, our arguments follow the principles of social history, with special attention to the idea of long duration.

Knowledge; Thomas Aquinas; Teacher training

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