The management of inclusion in the municipal net of schools in São Paulo: some considerations about Programa Inclui

To the analysis of issue in political management of the school inclusion process, this article approaches the movement of the Municipal net of schools in São Paulo towards an inclusive school through the proposal of educational responses for students that have special educational needs. Thus, it is described in the Programa Inclui which is ongoing at the municipal schools. It seeks to organize through projects the construction and consolidation of an inclusive system, and it is aimed at being articulated with the political-pedagogical practices and actions that occur from the kindergarten to high school. They are focused on the required actions to meet special educational needs to ensure that the desirable relationship between common and special education happens. This way, facing the difficulties of teaching and learning to those who need: resources, techniques and differentiated methodologies seeking for their school path guarantee in everyday life, as the legal guarantee.

School inclusion; Political action; School management; Programa Inclui

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