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Scale of Satisfaction with Teachers Dynamics: Development and Validation

Escala de Satisfação com a Dinâmica de Trabalho Docente: Desenvolvimento e Validação

Escala de Satisfacción con la Dinámica de trabajo Docente: Desarrollo y Validación


This paper explains the validity and reliability of the Scale of Satisfaction with Teachers Dynamics (ESDTD). The ESDTD evaluates the conceptual representation of teachers with their curriculum conceptions, curriculum development, curriculum management, educational project and collaborative work; also, the satisfaction of teachers with the work done by direction, by sub-departments, through direct coordination and class councils and by heads of educational units. In the final items of ESDTD, it is assessed the perceptions of teachers about the grouping culture, signaling the aspects considered positive and problematic. It was tested the possibility of making a factor analysis and subsequently assessing the psychometric data and the reliability of each dimension, in order to test the internal validity of the scale. There is evidence of the appropriateness of factor analysis. More specifically, the adequacy measured sample of Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin, and the value of the Bartlett’s sphericity test revealed highly significant. It was rated the variance explained by the main components analysis, previously setting the analysis in six factors with values greater than 1. When setting the analysis in six main components, the dimensions explained more than 55% of the total variability. The analysis of the reliability of the size and the assessment of the homogeneity of the items allows obtaining positive and very high internal consistency values for all items and for all of the dimensions. The values found permit to maintain the structure and distribution of initial items. The scale shows good validity and reliability, it is expected other studies to be developed, complementing its psychometric analysis.

Teachers work; Teachers satisfaction; Scale; Validity; Reliability

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