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Exploring Spanish Secondary Education curriculum from the perspective of Global Citizenship Education and sustainability


The challenges facing societies today make it necessary for the educational sphere to promote the training of global citizens capable of acting in favour of sustainable and human development. In view of this situation, this study aims to assess whether the educational regulations governing Compulsory Secondary Education and the Baccalaureate in Spain currently promote the training of global citizens who support change towards a more sustainable and egalitarian society. The methodological approach used was qualitative, as a documentary analysis of the current curricula in the two educational stages was carried out. The results point to certain shortcomings in the curriculum when it comes to promoting student mobilisation and working on issues such as poverty, inequalities between countries and sustainable development. The curriculum analysed needs to address the deficits identified, as there is a need to educate critical citizens who are willing to transform the world and make it more humane and sustainable.

Global Citizenship Education; Sustainability; Secondary Education; Spanish Education Curriculum

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