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The return of deconcentration policies? Mutations in the national Program of Permanent Formation (NPPF). Cordoba, Argentina


In this article, we propose to reconstruct the transformations of the National Program of Permanent Formation (NPPF) for teachers, called “Our School”. We focus the analysis on what happened in the province of Cordoba after the change of government at the national level in December 2015. The fieldwork is part of two ongoing investigations in secondary schools of common and technical modality. We retrieve contributions from interviews carried out with actors who work at different levels of the school administration and who have different tasks in the enactment of the Program. From the contributions of the theory of Social Regulation, we aim to characterize the new forms of regulation of the program by identifying the strategies deployed by the central and provincial government in the period 2016-2019.

National Program of Permanent Formation; Situated Teacher Education; Educational Policies

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