Teachers’ remuneration: the effects of the work position, carrer and remuneration planimplemented in a municipality

Maria Dilneia Espíndola Fernandes Solange Jarcem Fernandes Viviane Gregorio de Campo About the authors


The objective of the paper was, by means of a case study, to check the effect produced by the Work Position, Career and Remuneration Plans (Planos de Cargos, Carreira e Remuneração, PCCR) implemented in the municipality of Campo Grande from 1996 to 2016, regarding the remuneration paid to a teacher during 20 years of work. The change in teacher’s remuneration was obtained with the analysis of their pay slips, in relation to the PCCR and the minimum wage. There was a positive effect on the teacher’s remuneration, due to the obligation of the municipal PCCR. Their diplomas and years of work were important in terms of valuing the teacher’s activity. However, the integral remuneration of the PSPN (National Professional Salary Floor), which should also be ensured by means of the PCCR, is yet to be accomplished in that municipality.

Education Policy; PCCR; Teachers’ Remuneration; Teachers’ Valuation

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