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The hiring of caregivers in Rondônia and the precariousness of Inclusive Education


This paper aims to discuss, according to the notices of public tenders and selection processes that recruit professional caregivers, the elements that coexist with the precariousness of Inclusive Education in Rondônia, considering the salaries, duties, and academic qualifications of these professionals. The method used was the dialectical historical materialism, for understanding that the increase in hiring caregivers in Rondônia does not, in fact, reveal the essence of reality, requiring mediations for this. It is based on documentary research, using the years between 2012 and 2019 as a period for collecting the notices of tenders and selection processes for the state of Rondônia and its cities. The results reveal the precariousness of Inclusive Education, the hiring of professionals in demeaning conditions in terms of salary and of possibilities of school and academic training.

Caregivers; Inclusive Education; Precariousness; Cultural-historical Theory; Historical-critical Pedagogy

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