Contents of Natural Sciences in Primary Education in the recent past in Santiago del Estero: an analysis of national and provincial regulations

Raúl Esteban Ithuralde Ana Gabriela Dumrauf About the authors


Since the 1990s, two curricular content proposals for Primary Education have been built nationwide in Argentina, one under the Federal Education Law and another under the National Education Law. The provinces had to produce curricular designs in accordance with these regulations; however, not all have done so. In Santiago del Estero, the Curricular Design in force for the primary level dates from 1997. A Curricular Design for Young and Adult’s Primary Education was produced in 2004. In this work, we analyze critically and comparatively the contents of Natural Sciences of the four previous curricular documents. One of the main results is that these contents seem to remain almost immutable, despite the changes in educational policy that occurred in the period studied.

Natural Sciences Education; Curriculum; Primary Education

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