Continuing education programs for literacy teachers: concepts and practices1 1 This essay is part of a larger research about continuing education financed by the CNPq (2011–2016).

Programas de formação continuada de professores alfabetizadores: concepções e práticas

Programas de formación continua de maestros de lectoescritura: conceptos y prácticas

Andrea Tereza Brito Ferreira Eliana Borges Correia de Albuquerque Erica Windler About the authors


The present article analyses the proposals of continuing training for literacy teachers in two counties of Recife Metropolitan Area, in order to understand the language conceptions and training that justify such practices. Our research illuminates huge differences between training practices in the two cities. In Camaragibe, the training program sought to incorporate teachers experiences, recognizing that language education is a comprehensive social practice. In Jaboatão, the training process focused on the use of educational materials developed by the program that included specific instructions for the teachers, reducing participants’ role to that of completing predefined tasks rather than seeking their input in the process.

Literacy; Continuing education programs; Educational politics

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