Use of large scale assessments in the formulation of educational public policies

Flávia Viana Basso Rodrigo Rezende Ferreira Adolfo Samuel de Oliveira About the authors


The purpose of the study is to analyze the uses of the results of large scale evaluations in the formulation of public educational policies in Brazil, based on the Basic Education Assessment System (Saeb). The research was developed in three stages: documentary research; application of a questionnaire on the use of results; and interviews with state representatives, deepening the information collected in the previous stage. As a result, a classification matrix in which the educational policies identified are related mainly: to the use of data as a management tool; to the training of teachers; to the dissemination of information about the educational system; and to the production of pedagogical materials based on the distribution of resources and on salary incentive policies. It is concluded that the results generated are actually being used in the formulation of educational policies; however, it is necessary to increase the use of the information available in addition to the performance of the students in the cognitive tests.

Public Policies; Educational Policies; Educational Evaluation; Saeb

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