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Teacher training in Brazilian universities in the post-pandemic period


The research analyzes how Brazilian universities conduct their professors training in the post-pandemic period. A survey with 59 universities (35 public and 24 private) was applied in the second half of 2021. Results show that there has been an evolution about teacher training after emergency remote teaching, with an increase in quantity and diversity of courses, scope and adhesion of more teachers, continuous training, institution or improvement of training plans. Many courses offered refer to the use of basic or traditional technological tools and were necessary for the continuity of classes remotely; however, there are still possibilities to explore other tools with other purposes of use, developing digital teaching competence. To systematize training plans and programs, it is suggested the use of Knowledge Management tools, more specifically the Seci model, as it enables the conversion between types of knowledge and continuous assessment.

Teacher Training; Digital Teaching Competence; Higher Education

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