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Internationalization policies in foundation universities: intellectual production, exchange, curriculum, and integral management


The Higher Education Institutions positioning in face of the scientific, socio-cultural, political, and economic globalization demands, reflects the power of the academic community to adapt to educational practices and university internationalization policies. Based on this context, we analyzed Institutional Development Plans and the internationalization policies of nine foundation universities in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In this documentary analysis, we identified the institutional mission, as well as the internationalization goals and strategies, in the light of four types of action: intellectual production, scientific-cultural exchange, internationalization of the curriculum, and integral management. The data generated indicate that there is a lack of clear concept of internationalization and that there is an emphasis on action strategies aimed at academic-scientific exchange; at the same time, we understand that there is, although still incipient, an expansion in institutional internationalization policies.

University Education; Education Foundation; Internationalization of Education; Elaboration of Policies

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