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Teachers’ and families’ perceptions of the role of management teams as inclusive leaders in primary Education


School inclusion is a key factor for the development of quality education, and inclusive leadership is a fundamental element for its achievement. This leadership also determines the actual exercise of inclusion in schools. Thus, the main objective of this study was to analyze the perceptions of teachers and families of elementary schools on inclusive leadership. A total of 110 elementary school teachers from public schools in Seville and 46 family members participated in these surveys, completing the teacher and family versions of the LEI-Q questionnaire. The results showed that the teachers’ perception of the school as an inclusive community is not positive and neither is that of the families, although to a lesser extent. Thus, the leadership exercised by educational leaders seems to have failed to implement sufficient measures for the construction of inclusive schools.

Inclusive Leadership; Perception of Inclusion; Openness to the Community; Teacher Professional Development; Instructional Management

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