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Academic trajectories of students of the Interdisciplinary Bachelor and the Psychology Bachelor: analysis of transcripts

Mônica Lima Denise Coutinho Jhonata Andrade Fabio Nieto Lopez About the authors


In this article we analyze the transcripts of 31 Interdisciplinary Bachelor (IB) graduates doing a transition to the Psychology Bachelor of UFBA, in 2012 and 2013, compared to 95 transcripts of students that directly went to the course through the university entrance exam, on the same years. The comparison between the two groups was carried out considering: the use of Curricular Components in the first three semesters of IB, regardless if the student attended an area of concentration or not; and, course grades. The IB graduates satisfactorily followed the CCs, with no significant difference when compared to the averages of approval (grades) between groups. That means you can complete the course, which lasts five years minimum, with only three additional years, after three years of IB, depending on what subjects are validated from the IB. Thus, an IB graduate, after three years of training, can finish their Psychology course meeting three to four additional years, with the advantage of having made a mature and conscious choice from within the university and not prior to it.

Interdisciplinary Bachelor; Training in Psychology; Higher Education

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