Resolute factors for the performance of Brazilian Federal Institutes in the National Examination of High School Education * * English version by Karima Bezerra de Almeida.

Rogério Severiano Dutra Giselle Bezerra Mesquita Dutra Paulo Henrique Nobre Parente Lya Oliveira da Silva Souza Parente About the authors


This study aims to investigate to what extent the context of the Brazilian Federal Institutes determines their performance in ENEM (High School National Examination). For the development of this work, we chose to use ENEM as a source of educational evaluation, since it features summing and proactive functions, with prompt frequency, and guidance to decision-making, it is a large scale formal assessment. Data collection and survey of the learning performance and context of the Brazilian Federal Institutes disclosed by INEP (National Institute for Educational Studies and Research) included a sample of 865 reports concerning the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. The methodological outline comprised the application of univariate methods of measures of central tendency and dispersion, as well as of sample mean comparison tests; Student’s T-Test to compare two samples; and Anova for more than two samples. The main findings of this present research show that its hypothesis has been confirmed to the extent that regional contexts, geographical location, and the socio-economic profile of students have strongly affected student performance in the Brazilian Federal Institutes. As for the context of school facility size, even not presenting significant general performance difference in test results, the fields of Humanities and Writing showed evidence of higher performance in smaller facilities; and for the fields of Mathematics and Technologies, the tests showed significant differences, with better performance in larger facilities. This research has also found a greater number of upper-middle class students enrolled in Federal Institutes that participate in ENEM, strongly perceived in the Brazilian Northeast and Southeast urban units.

Educational evaluation; School context; Educational performance; Brazilian Federal Institutes

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