A brief history of forensic psychology in Brazil and its fields of application

Vivian de Medeiros Lago Paloma Amato Patrícia Alves Teixeira Sonia Liane Reichert Rovinski Denise Ruschel Bandeira About the authors

This article aims to discuss some historical references concerning Forensic Psychology in Brazil and to present the main fields of application and a brief description of the tasks developed by the psychologist in each one. A second aim is for this material to be used as a theoretical reference for Forensic Psychology subjects, since it was designed with this introductory emphasis. The main areas of interface between Psychology and Law are: Family Law, Child and Adolescent Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law and Labor Legislation. Questions related to education are highlighted and new possibilities for working in Forensic Psychology are noted, with a recommendation of future perspectives on the topic.

Forensic Psychology; History; Psychologists

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