The influence of personality and job factors on burnout among health professionals

This study focuses the relationship between personality traits and organizational environmental factors, on one side, and burnout syndrome, on the other. The personality traits selected for this study were type A personality pattern and trait anxiety. Job factors included meaning of work, perception of control and support from supervisors. Participants were 239 health professionals. They completed five measures that assessed socio-demographic data, type A personality, trait anxiety, job factors, total burnout and its dimensions (emotional exhaustion, despersonalization and personal accomplishment). Stepwise multiple regression analyses indicated that trait anxiet, support from supervisors and type A personality were significant predictors of total burnout and emotional exhaustion. In addition, trait anxiet and type A personality significantly predicted despersonalization. However, there were no significant predictors of personal accomplishment.

Burnout; Occupational stress; Health professionals; Personality traits; Organizational environmental factors

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