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Bullying behavior and conflict with the law

Bullying is defined as a form of physical, psychological or sexual aggression which happens repeatedly and generally involves ones' peers. The present study investigated the occurrence of bullying behavior in 16 male young offenders attending a specialized institution (semi-detention and monitoredliberty). Data was collected individually by way of an adapted questionnaire about conflicts in school. All participants admitted to having been either a victim or perpetrator of bullying at least once during the last year. There was a greater incidence of bullying behavior as perpetrators than intimidation by colleagues, that was statistically significant (p<0.022). Subjects under semi-detention have been shown to be perpetrators or targets of bullying in a greater proportion than those under monitored liberty (p<0.038). Intimidation was not restricted to peers, but it was generalized towards adults. The results indicated the necessity for research into the relationship between bullying behavior and the behavior of criminal offenders.

Bullying; Teenader conflict with the Law; Peer relations

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