Socialization process and promotion of a Culture of Peace from the perspective of Military Police Officers

Letícia de Sousa MOREIRA Angela Maria Cristina Uchoa de Abreu BRANCO About the authors


Violent conflicts have led to tragedies worldwide. This happens because society promotes cultural practices in which competition, violence, and aggression are tolerated and even encouraged. The Culture of Peace is intrinsically related to cooperation and peaceful conflict resolution. Taking into account the Military Police context, the present study aims at analyzing and understanding the complexity of the concepts and values of violence, peace, and Culture of Peace presented by the officers. The qualitative methodology was used and semi-structured interviews were conducted with six military police officers, four men and two women. The analyses were based on an interpretive-constructivist approach. The participants demonstrated difficulties in conceptualizing a Culture of Peace and admitting the existence of positive conflicts. Moreover, they did not see themselves as peace promoters in the contexts in which they work. However, they envisioned that possibility after reflecting on the topic.

Culture of peace; Military police; Socialization; Values social

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