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Discursive productions about the teamwork in the context of psychiatric reform: a study of workers in Psychosocial Care Centers

This article aims to analyze the discursive productions of workers from the Psychosocial Care Centers about the process of team work. Adopts as theoretical approach the Discursive Social Psychology, a constructionist approach within the social psychology. The decision to focus our studies on professionals in mental health due to the fact that, in Brazil, these workers were the precursors of the Psychiatric Reform movement. Our research, qualitative, included 14 semi-structured survey with professionals from the Psychosocial Care Centers in the city of Recife (Pernambuco). Delimitation of seats, dilution of knowledge and need for training, these sentences were recurrent during the interviews. The reports reviewed here show teams that are permeated by conflicts, tensions and possibilities of construction of their professional practices. Such statements show the need of visualization and discussion of those practices.

Discourse analysis; Centros de Atenção Psicossocial; Interdisciplinarity; Psychiatric reform; Teamwork

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