Image and self in Plotinus and Jung: confluences

Some of the theoretical confluences between Plotino and Jung are analyzed, based on the concepts of image and self. Plotinus is considered as the discoverer of the unconscious and his ideas about the soul are a basic reference for the history of psychology and psychoanalysis. Although it is not habitually included among Jung's theoretical influences, the Plotinian phylosophy possesses several points in common with analytical psychology. The concept of image, of capital importance for the Jungian theory, is also highly important in Plotinus, which proposes a psychology of the imaginary, that is, a study of the soul through the images. In relation to the concept of self, Jung himself highlights Plotinus' insights on that field. Jung also attributes to Plotinus the first formulation of the concept of unus mundus (united world).

image; self; Plotinus; Jung

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