The Israeli Palestine conflict as a journalistic event: some analyses of narratives from the newspaper Folha da Manhã(1936/1946)


This article presents some analyses of narratives from the newspaper Folha da Manhã (1936/1946) about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The discussions it drives orbit around the power relations inscribed in the conflict, so to comprehend the ways journalistic narratives shed light on those disputes for hegemony, by showing the process of meaning production in the Palestinian territory. As the signifier "terrorism", in those narratives of the beginning of the 20th century, displaces and attaches itself to subjects who are interesting for those in power, it gets conspicuous the effective participation of the journalism in processes in which political, cultural and discursive gestures and practices of inclusion and exclusion of subjects are imbricated. Thus, by understanding journalism as a discursive social practice, this article also proposes a reflection on the ways of producing that we have perceived as a journalistic event.

journalism; Folha da Manhã; narratives; event

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