Yield and composition of lavender essential oil grown in substrate

Rendimento e composição do óleo essencial de lavanda cultivada em substrato

Ana PS Mambrí Jerônimo L Andriolo Melânia P Manfron Suany MG Pinheiro Francieli L Cardoso Myriam G Neves About the authors


The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of successive harvesting times and shading on the production of biomass, yield and phytochemical composition of essential oil in leaves and inflorescences of soilless grown Lavandula dentata. Plants were grown in pots filled with sand, inside a polyethylene greenhouse, in a closed system at UFSM. Plants were harvested at 150, 213 and 320 days after planting date (DAP) in winter, spring and summer, respectively. At 150 DAP, a 50% shading screen was installed. The experimental design was a randomized 3x2 factorial in subdivided plots with 36 plants per subplot. Fresh (FM) and dry mass (DM), yield and chemical composition of essential oil in leaves and inflorescences were determined after each harvest date. The essential oil was extracted, using 70 g fresh mass of leaves and of inflorescences, respectively. Identification and quantification of compounds in the essential oil were determined by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The FM of inflorescences was higher on plants harvested 213 DAP grown without shading while of leaves it was higher on plants harvested 320 DAP grown without shading. The yield of the essential oil was higher in the leaves of plants harvested 320 DAP grown without shading. Thirty-one compounds were identified and quantified, being the major ones 1.8 cineol, camphor and linalool, without significant difference among treatments. Three consecutive harvests can be made in August (150 DAP), October (213 DAP) and February (320 DAP) without replacing plants.

Lavandula dentata; aromatic plant; phytomass; solar radiation

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