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The refused interpretation in Freud, Jung and beyond: what if the patient says “no”

La interpretación rechazada en Freud, Jung y más allá: ¿y si el paciente dice “no”?

Marco Innamorati About the author


The paper attempts to illustrate how refusing an interpretation can lead to very different consequences within Freudian, Jungian, and other psychotherapeutic models. In some cases, a “no” may refute the model of reference, while in others it may have less radical meanings. Refusing an interpretation (if it is consistent with the model and the patient’s history) within a Freudian environment can also challenge the validity of the model. From a Jungian perspective, a refusal may simply lead the therapist to change the model of reference, since no single model is considered universally valid. Other examples are also provided from the psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavior, and family therapy research traditions.

psychotherapy; psychoanalysis; analytical psychology; negation

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