In the article “Framing the Latin American nutrition transition in a historical perspective, 1850 to the present”, by Jonathan D. Ablard, published on volume 28, issue 1 (, on page 250, above References, please read:


I would like to thank Dr. Teresa Ordorika, Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México, and Dr. David Sheinin, Trent University, for inviting me to share this material with their colleagues and students. Those presentations helped me to refine the arguments and to raise new questions. Versions of this article were also presented at Cornell University's Latin American Studies Program colloquium and the Latin American Studies Association annual conference. The comments of the anonymous reviewers and the História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos editors were invaluable in improving the article's thesis and prose. Finally, this article would not exist without the work of Ithaca College graduates Kristen McCune and Christopher Allaire who served as research interns in the early stages of the project a decade ago with the financial support of the Ithaca College School of Humanities and Sciences.

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    30 Apr 2021
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