Scientific travellers in eighteenth-century Brazil: their experience, reports and graphic representations

Lorelai Kury About the author

Two different approaches to science lived side by side in the nineteenth century: office and fieldwork. The naturalists who came to Brazil had chosen to "see it with their own eyes". In great scientific expeditions, travelers tried to cope with the sensations and impressions they had during their stay in Brazil not only through their drawings and paintings, but also through rich descriptive texts. For a large number of nineteenth-century naturalists, the multiple sensations experienced during their journeys could and should be described by science. Thus, a naturalist who made the choice of being a traveler chose not only to see it with his own eyes, but also to hear and feel on his own body the phenomena there, where they took place. However, if on one hand romantic travelers made science in loco, on the other hand they ended up specializing in precisely recording their sensations and observed phenomena according to the scientific methods of their times.

scientific travellers; Natural History; scientific journeys; Iconography

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