Communication, humanities and humanization: technical, ethical, esthetic and emotional education for students and healthcare professionals

Mario Alfredo De Marco Mariella Vargas Degiovani Miriam Sansoni Torossian Rudolf Wechsler Silvia Mara Herbelha Joppert Ana Cecília Lucchese About the authors

In this paper, we discuss the concepts of humanization and humanities, their relationship with communication in constituting the subject and their importance in professional training, from the perspective of preparing professionals who have the skills for work that includes integration and comprehensiveness of practices. A review of the field is presented, with discussion of the roles historically ascribed to nature and culture in constituting the subject, particularly in its moral and emotional dimensions. We report on a study that has been under development for several years within undergraduate medical education, in which the reference points were the conclusions that emerged from this study. This paper ends by providing critical reflection on this work.

Humanization of care; Medical humanities; Health communication; Medical education

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